The Arco Dolly

The Arco Dolly

The ARCO Dolly is a hydraulic lift camera dolly characterised by superior stability of the lift-arm thanks to the double strengthening of its base. Manoeuvrability and versatility as well as minimum maintenance requirements make the dolly unique. Engineered and designed with the latest technology in structural materials and surface finishes, the system is tested thoroughly to ensure most accurate and reliable operation. The ARCO dolly is sturdy and guarantees performance in all climate conditions.

Main Features

- Variable chassis leg adjustment cam-lock chassis
- Incorporated brakes on rear wheels
- Compact and lightweight for storage
- Works on both straight and curved tubular track
- Rear controlled steering
- Vertical arm travel
- Electric pump

Technical Specifications

- Max. camera mount height (Without risers) 45 in 114 cm

- Min. camera mount height (Without risers) 16 in 40 cm
- Min. camera mount height with 90° plate 3 in 8cm
- Max. Payload 121 lbs. 55kg
- Max. boom lifts (fully charged) 4 lifts 
- Chassis max. length (wheels fully extended) 45 in 114 cm
- Chassis min. length (wheels fully retracted) 34.5 in 88 cm
- Min. chassis height for transportation 16 in. 40 cm
- Chassis width - legs at 0° position 20 in 51 cm
- Chassis width - legs at 45° position 34 in 86 cm
- Turn radius® 0-oo 
- Compressed air charging time (empty to full) ca. 70 sec 
- Carrying weight 326 lbs. 148 kg

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